You feel tired, worn out or even sick?

Surely you know the feeling. You feel tired, have no energy, often feel worn out or even sick? In some cases, these symptoms may indicate an acidification, ie an imbalance of your acid-base balance in the body.
To uncover such hyperacidity one uses the Bio-Electronic Terrain Analysis by Professor Vincent, a physical and biochemical measurement method that has been used successfully in laboratory diagnostics for decades.

BE-TA measurement (= acid / base status, regenerative power measurement, enzyme deficiencies, stomach problems)

Bio-Electric Terrain Analysis (BE-TA): Determination of physio-chemical or electrochemical parameters such as pH, rH-value and R-value of saliva, blood and urine to look for diagnosis built on the humoral pathologic (the hormone system Affected) Therapy Concept.

How can it be determined whether acidosis is present?
The three basic fluids in your body will give us information. We investigate


• We will take a small amount of venous blood for analysis.


• You will receive a sterile container in which you fill your morning urine and return it to us in the practice, so that we can carry out the analysis.


• You should not brush your teeth or rinse your mouth; otherwise we cannot get any reliable results on the morning of the study.

You must come to the investigation into practice without having eating or drinking anything. It is necessary to take important drugs, so we should be informed beforehand.

The investigation itself takes about 30 – 45 minutes. Then we can show a reliable result and discuss further with you. Please plan this time without interruptions.

What will this analysis reveal about my health?

• If the immune system is in order and it still has reserves?
• What are my current defenses against infections?
• Are my kidney functions still okay?
• Is my digestive system healthy or is there possibly a fungal burden?
• Is there a lack of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which must be compensated?
• How is my power potential, how big are my energy reserves?

We can answer these questions after the examination. If there is a deficiency, we create an individually tailored treatment plan for you which includes not only drug treatments, but also instructions to a healthy diet.

Talk to us. We are happy to help.

Your health team

Dr. med. Siebenhüner