psycho – oncology

Horizons to a ray of hope, strength Creation from psycho-oncology

We want to provide you with our advice and are at your side as a holistic guide. Especially after a battle with cancer, we would like to bring you close to the self-healing-training that brings the body and soul back into line. We would like to help you overcome the emotional depth of having had a disease with mental techniques in combination with fitness activities.


Our aim is to provide long term help to help you through the emotional burden that has occurred due to a disorder. In essence, the goal is to increase focus for quality of life after cancer, relieve by learning from mental techniques, reduction or extermination of complaints, activation of inner self-healing to overcome an illness, relaxation strategies for a balanced inner self – to fight anxiety and fears.

We will advise you also to keep a possible special diet that positively affects your metabolism and increases your well-being.

We’re here to answer your questions – please ask us. We would be delighted if thus you feel better as you so go to recovery.