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Milestones in cancer diagnosis

In cancers, the chance of recovery depends critically on an early diagnosis. Some established tests on the tumor status detect the disease too late, or are not sufficiently reliable, the patients are insecure.

The EDIM blood determination (epitope – detection – in – monocytes – Blood Determination) is a system for early detection of tumors, and also shows the EDIM – test method for therapy control response probability during chemotherapy and / or radiation treatment, and also contains a reliable blood test to follow the EDIM Test. According to the latest scientific findings of EDIM blood test with a 90% precision of highly sensitive and specific results and allows a statement regarding the status of a tumor 21 months before any other conventional diagnostic methods.

The EDIM blood test has many advantages: First, it is a reliable early diagnosis of various cancers and for detecting recurrences and, secondly, no more tissue samples must be taken. for the test, only a small blood sample is needed.

The EDIM – TKTL1 determination takes place by means of an immunohistochemical study, the so-called EDIM technology, the present macrophages circulating in the blood instead. The TKTL1 is an enzyme that may be upregulated in cancer cells when the tumor is in a glucose-dependent on metabolism. However, not all cancer cells go into the glucose-dependent metabolism, and therefore not all cancer cells express also the TKTL1. Whether it is a more aggressive cancer growth in the metabolic processes of glucose has not yet been clarified scientifically.


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