Darkfield microscopy

Target of darkfield microscopy is a comprehensive diagnosis

In human blood performs many important tasks and provides the functionality of the various body tissues over diverse transport and linking functions in the body safely. In addition to the white blood cells, which take over the function of the immune defense, which contained red blood cells are responsible for oxygen transport. Because of these essential functions, the diagnosis of darkfield microscopy reveals an experienced doctor a lot about the health of a patient and provides insightful information for early diagnosis of a possibly present illness.




Die Erkenntnisse aus der Dunkelfelddiagnostik ermöglicht Rückschlüsse auf bestehende Erkrankungen.

In the optical method of dark field microscopy is sufficient as an object, a single drop of blood is taken from the capillary bed, d. H. From the finger or earlobe. The fresh blood preparation is represented up to 1,200-fold magnification, the sides highly exposed and appears light on a dark background.

The aim of diagnosis is to determine present microorganisms in the blood, but in addition to recognize the state of individual organs, organ systems and body regions. Likewise, the course of therapy can be properly assessed.



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