Pain relief, mitigation – magnetic therapy

What is magnetic therapy?

The magnetic field therapy (MFT) is a naturopathic method which is one of the alternative treatments. It is used successfully in various diseases and shows especially in pain relief, mitigation remarkably good results.
This therapy is based on the recognition that all somatic cells contain electrically charged particles. In order to stimulate these electrical particles of the cells, you need to artificially generate magnetic fields.
Fields are produced with the help of electricity. This apparatus initiates electrical energy from a generator in a coil. This moving charge of the current is based on a magnetic field. Changes in these magnetic fields simultaneously change the electric field. This is on the premise that imply that electric particles align themselves in a constant magnetic field. Turning now to the realization that body cells contain electrically charged particles, so it is these that focus on this artificially created magnetic field. The activity within the cells is changed.
This gives rise to vibrations that penetrate to the deepest cells of the body. These weakened cells achieve stimulated tissue perfusion and thus increase the oxygen supply.

Effect of magnetic therapy?

Due to the increased tissue blood flow and increased oxygen supply to the cells of the body, caused by the magnetic field therapy, there is a stimulation of the immune system, resulting among other things, in an increase of the body’s defenses. Also, it will help in solving spasms and tension and creates an analgesic effect. Since all biological processes in the body are subject to electrical stimuli themselves, inactive cells are forced to normalization, which means that the magnetic field therapy can be used in almost all diseases of the human body, as body cells of the inner regions of the body can be easily achieved.

So, what is the procedure?

The duration of a single magnetic field therapy, depending on the indication is 8-24 minutes.
Depending on the symptoms and disease, recommended are 5, 10 or more therapy sessions. This is very individual and is previously discussed extensively between therapist and patient.

The patient is sitting or lying relaxed. Either magnetic cushions, coil or a mat are placed on or under the body to be treated. The device for the generation of magnetic fields is then started and depending on the clinical symptoms, the strength of the magnets is set. During the ongoing treatment, the setting can be increased or decreased.

Are there any side effects?

There are no unpleasant side effects. However, due to the triggered, increased tissue perfusion caused by this therapy, it may cause a sensation of warmth or slight tingling in the treated area.

When the therapy should NOT be used?

Patients with pacemakers should discuss the treatment with their cardiologist, since the magnetic field generated can interfere with the control electronics and thus the function of the pacemaker.

Which symptoms can be helped through magnetic therapy?

“An important effect is that of optimizing therapy for cancers”

Among other things, in the following cases tangible and lasting improvements in their symptoms or complaints will be achieved:
• Allergies
• Arthritis / Osteoarthritis
• circulatory disorders
• Inflammation
• Joint pain
• Back pain
• Migraine
• Headache
• Muscle tension / tension
• nerve pain
• rheumatic diseases
• Rule complaints
• pain in general and the activation of hormonal disorders
• Diseases or weakening of the immune system
• Diseases of the digestive tract
• Infections
• Disorders of blood pressure
• delays in wound healing,
• Metabolic disorders
• Asthma
It is a complex treatment that we can provide information for in a personal consultation.

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