Cancer & Ozone Therapy – Study results

Sensational Marburger ozone study

Three New Zealand white rabbits were vaccinated with highly aggressive, fast-growing tumor cells. From other animal studies with a VX2 carcinoma model, which is used in scientific research as a common comparison model for certain human skin cell carcinomas. It is known that the animals develop a fatal cancer within 14 days, after which they will die in a short time in consequence of the rapid metastasis.
The team of researchers, Dr. Schulz insufflated Healy & Zealy, two of the three rabbits six years ago for five days with an ozone / oxygen mixture under the peritoneum (intraperitoneal).
The surprising thing happened.
While the untreated rabbit continued to grow the cancer, the cancerous tumors regressed in ozone-treated animals. After 90 days, Healy & Zealy were healed, while the untreated rabbit succumbed to his cancer. This experiment led to a study of 28 rabbits in an advanced stage of cancer at the Philipps-University of Marburg.
In the control group of 14 sham-treated animals 80 percent died. By contrast, 43 percent of the ozone-treated rabbits were healed! In 72 percent of these animals, the treatment resulted in significantly increased survival or stagnation of the tumor. Only 21 percent of the rabbits died of this aggressive cancer. The research team implanted the amount healed with ozone rabbit VX2 tumor cells again. There was no re-growth of cancer! Unlike in the animals with cortisone and cyclosporin A (inhibits T-lymphocytes) they were immunosuppressed. There, the tumor broke out again with a fatal outcome.
Advantage of this therapeutic approach.

There were no adverse effects in animals treated with ozone.
The therapy device for peritoneal ozone therapy was developed in Germany and presented at MEDICA 2008 in Dusseldorf. In a press release, Philipps-University Marburg, which holds the patent for the device, it states:

“Dr. Siegfried Schulz, veterinary surgeon at the Faculty of Medicine in Marburg, presents a device that can be used with the aid of an ozone-oxygen mixture not only in support of chemotherapy and radiation, but also as initial therapy. The Medozon® generator has already successfully treated malignant melanoma (malignant skin cancer) in a dog …“


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