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F.X. Mayr Medicine

The known therapy was named after Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr. (1875 – 1965) appointed for the purpose of intestinal renovation to activate self-healing through holistic healing and prevention methods. The promotion of optimal health of a patient can occur via a healthy colon. Serious chronic diseases can heal in the context of the FX Mayr Medicine. F.X. Mayr Medicine is it also a treatment process for health care and regeneration.

Dr. med. Siebenhüner can diagnose deviations from the ideal state of health using F.X. Mayr therapy. These different areas such as the face, skin, stomach various pathological forms, posture and chest deformations as well as tone and function of the digestive tract are analyzed and measured. Targeted massage of the abdominal area stimulates detoxification of the digestive tract and the lymphatic system. The restoration of a healthy intestine leads to the activation of the physical, mental and spiritual regeneration.